We can produce all of our products (to order) in either Portland, Buff or Terracotta  (see chart below).

The colour chart is a guide only as the finished colour can vary depending on the degree of weathering, etc. Our stock items are stored outside in a shaded green area and will, over time, show signs of ageing. A weathered appearance is generally a much sought-after feature and weathered statuary often sells for more than the retail price in both general and antique auctions! The ageing process is not an exact science and many factors come into play, such as the location, is the statue or planter in the shade, or maybe under a tree?


We treat all of our statuary with a single coat of an organic wash, and from there on nature takes it’s course. If you wish to accelerate the process and attract moss, lichen, etc. then a periodic coat of your very own organic mixture should work well. Keep a bucket of water, compost (anything organic), leaves, grass clippings and natural yoghurt. Mix well and leave to mature (it might stink a bit!) then simply apply with a brush to your statue or planter.